Lesotho Horse Trail Adventure labelled second best Adventure in Southern Africa

Best adventure travels in Southern Africa

Steve proudly proudly exhibiting the Wild Weekends guide

Adventure guide in Southern Africa

The Drakensberg entry and Khotso’s Lesotho Horse Trail gets the honours

2013 was a very good year for Khotso Horse Trails. The trail into Lesotho received two outstanding guide book and newspaper referrals for their Lesotho Horse Trail. The one was included in the “Wild Weekends: Places to go, things to do” book, and also consequently got placed in the Sunday Times as the second best adventure to experience in Southern Africa.

Claire Keeton (Sunday Times Adventure Traveller and writer) and photographer Marianne Schwankhart spent the first two months of 2013 taking part in some of the exciting adventures that South African countries have to offer. It was a matter of days before their book “Wild Weekends” was to be published that they found themselves in the company of Khotso’s guides, heading off for a horseback adventure into Lesotho that they would simply have to include in the book. And so it was that the original edition got recalled to make space for Khotso’s Lesotho Adventure in the front pages of their guide book.

An adventure of this magnitude, entering lands so remote that many villagers have never laid eyes on a white man does not get orchestrated overnight. It takes years. And so it was that Steve Black, owner of Tre-Tower sheep and horse farm, headquarters of Khotso Adventures (complete with self-catering accommodation) first started his journey into the worlds of Ultra-Endurance trail running in 1989. This extreme form of running in the high altitudes of the Southern Drakensberg took Steve to all the corners of Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. It didn’t take long before the village people hidden in remote valleys accessibly only by foot and horse became familiar with Steve. It was this experience of running 40 kilometres a day in the mountains that gave Steve the knowledge to offer guided trails into the wilderness. Steve wouldn’t mind running these trails but for the majority of people going on horseback is a much more viable mode of travel.

In 2002 Steve started promoting his love for Lesotho, starting the adventure from the Bushman’s Nek border post in South Africa and then entering Lesotho into the Sehlabathebe National Park via a winding hardly discernable game track. From there it’s up to what the clients would like. Traditionally Khotso stick to offering two and three day trails, but Lesotho is a very big Kingdom when you’re travelling from one valley to the next, so it really does depend on what the client would like. The tours are very dynamic and can be changed to suit a photographer’s schedule, or that of a fisherman wanting to explore the trout inhabited rivers of Lesotho’s water.


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About Khotso Backpackers

Just a brilliant little Backpackers in the Southern Drakensberg near Underberg, and the Sani Pass. We specialize with budget accommodation for the international, and local traveler, but especially with our horsetrails into the Drakensberg, and the treks into Lesotho.

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