If you’re a traveler visiting South Africa and you have a love for the untamed wildness of our beautiful country then Lesotho Adventures is a first stop solution. Specializing in the best Horse Trails in the Southern Drakensberg, going into Lesotho “The Kingdom of the Sky”, we also entertain and host the extreme notion of hosting Ultra-Endurance running at high altitude. This blog revolves mostly around these two activities; Horse Trails into Lesotho, and Ultra Endurance running with the legendary Steve Black.

There is a wilderness trail that runs from the Bushman’s Nek Border post in South Africa into Lesotho’s Sehlabathebe National Park. It’s been there for much longer than when man came to the area the first time. Hundreds of years ago huge herds of Eland roamed the plateaus above the escarpments. These, the largest of all antelope, created myriads of trails as the seasons changed and they had to migrate either down the mountain to where more food is in the winter, or back up again to the sanctuaries of space.

Horse trail riding in Lesotho

Here’s Gareth, lead horse guide for Lesotho Adventures staring back into outh Africa after having climbed 2000 ft to get close to the Lesotho border on horse.

This trail from Bushman’s Nek into Lesotho will most likely be your first day with Lesotho Adventures. It’s 30 odd kilometers long, and climbs 2000 feet. As you breach the plateau with the sun beating upon the three Devil’s knuckles you approach the official border line between Lesotho and South Africa. There are no officials. Half built buildings stand desolate in a landscape dominated by the Sky –  a stark reminder of how harsh conditions can be here. Here there is no-one to stamp your passport. It’s wild country up here.

Devil's knuckles, serenity in Lesotho's Sehlabathebe National Park

Here’s the sun rising upon the ‘Devil’s Knuckles’ whilst on Horse Trail into Lesotho

But that’s just the first day. Once you wake up in Sehlabathebe the Lesotho interior, a never ending panorama of valley, grass, mountain and sky opens in front of you. Massive amounts of space, fields of swaying grass, strangely formed rocky outcrops and always the sky. From here on you can choose: Do you carry on with the adventure into Lesotho, or do you make your way down the mountain?

Lesotho is fondly referred to as the “Kingdom of the Sky”, but Lesotho is more than just that. Lesotho is also the Kingdom of ‘Space’, of ‘Water’, of ‘Altitude’, and of ‘friendly people’.

There is two ways you can do this: On horseback. Or you can run with Steve Black.